West – Row 10

First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

West – Row 10 – 1 Purves/Henderson/White

In memory of MARGARET PURVES wife of WILLIAM HENDERSON Coldstream born at Quixwood in January 1809 she died at Coldstream on the 27th July 1891. Also of the said WILLIAM HENDERSON born at Upsettlington 29th April 1809 died at Coldstream 29th December 1897. THOMAS PURVES HENDERSON born 9th April 1842 died 22nd December 1906. GEORGE FRANCIS HENDERSON died 9th July 1928 JESSIE ALLAN WHITE wife of G.F. HENDERSON died 25th January 1942.

West – Row 10 – 2 Henderson

Between rows 10 and 11 - In memory of MARY MARGARET HENDERSON who died 22nd October 1975 aged 76 years. Also her brother ALLAN WILLIAM FRANCIS HENDERSON who died in South Africa 11th March 1962 aged 67 years.

West – Row 10 – 3 Reid/Lamb/Morrison

Erected by ROBERT REID in memory of ISABELLA LAMB his wife who died at Coldstream 19th February 1889 aged 43 years.

Also the above ROBERT REID who died 6th March 1906 aged 78 years.

Also AGNES LEARMOUTH REID their daughter who died 30th June 1940 aged 65 years.

And MARGARET MORRISON their daughter who died 13th March 1953 aged 81 years.   “Rest in the Lord”

West – Row 10 – 4 Lillico/Bowden

Erected by JOHN and ELIZABETH LILLICO in memory of their daughter FLORENCE who died at Gallows Knowe 31st March 1889 aged 18 days.  Also the above JOHN LILLICO husband of ELIZABETH BOWDEN died at Greenlaw 10th February 1926 in his 75th year. The above ELIZABETH BOWDEN died at Greenlaw 11th June 1933 in her 83rd year.

West – Row 10 – 5 – Plamer/Smith

Erected by THOMAS PALMER Coldstream in loving memory of ARCHD. PALMER his son who died 31st March 1889 aged 31 years.

Also JOHN his son who died in infancy

Also ELIZABETH SMITH his wife who died 5th June 1906 aged 85 years.

Also the above THOMAS PALMER who died 17th April 1907 aged 84 years.

Also THOMAS PALMER their son who died 6 January 1940 aged 75 years.

West – Row 10 – 6 – Stewart

Erected by JANE STEWART in loving memory of her husband JAMES STEWART chimney sweep who died 26th February 1904 aged 57 years.  Also their son JAMES who died 22nd July 1889 aged 11 years. Also their daughter JANE who died at Sunderland 2nd June 1897 aged 21 years. Also the above JANE STEWART who died 30th November 1918 aged 70 years. Also ALICE their daughter who died 4th December 1918 aged 39 years.    ‘Asleep in Jesus’.

West Row 10 – 7 Haig/Nichol

Difficult to read.

WILLIAM HAIG died 15th April 1891 aged 77 years

Also ALICE NICHOL wife of the above died 23rd May 1927 aged 66 years  JAMES T  HAIG died 1st August 1889 aged 14 Months

(Part of this stone is missing and in very poor state).

West – Row 10 – 9 Stevenson

 Erected by JAMES STEVENSON in memory of CATHERINE MILLS STEVENSON his daughter who died at Hatchednize 16th December 1889 aged 1 year 9 months.

Also CATHERINE ANNIE grand daughter of the above and Daughter of JOHN and NELLIE STEVENSON who died in infancy at Ambrizette Portuguese West Africa 25th May 1923.

Also the above JAMES STEVENSON who died at Coldstream 6th April 1932 in his 85th year.

Also CATHERINE his wife who died 14th January 1937 aged 86 years.

West – Row 10 – 10 – Carmichael

Erected by ROBERT CARMICHAEL Rosybank Coldstream in loving memory of his sons ARCHIBALD 2nd Lieut. R.F.A. who died of his wounds 22nd May 1918 aged 26 years. Buried at Vignacourt France

And GEORGE GORDON Lieut. K.O.S.B. who fell in the attack on Beugneux 1st August 1918 aged 22 years.

West – Row 10 – 11 – Carmichael/Dickman

In loving memory of ROBERT CARMICHAEL J.P. Rosybank Coldstream who died 2ndDecember 1934 in his 81st year Also his wife EUPHEMIA BELL DICKMAN who died 25th June 1951 in her 91st year Also HELEN RACHEL daughter of above who died 19th December 1889.

West – Row 10 – 12 – Henderson/Laing/Kerse

IHS. In loving memory of WILLIAM HENDERSON J.P. who died at Coldstream 27th March 1925 aged 78 years.  Also his beloved wife MARY LAING died 30th October 1917.  Also NELLIE their daughter who died 21st December 1889 aged 18 years.  Also ISABEL their daughter who died 24th November 1941 (On the south side of the cross) Also their eldest daughter ELIZABETH LAING KERSE who died 7th October 1949.

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