Details of all of our current projects are available below. Please make sure to visit our News section for updates about forthcoming projects.

Headstone Transcriptions in Local Churchyards

A searchable online database of churchyard and kirkyard transcriptions across Berwickshire and Northumberland.

War Memorials

A searchable online database of war memorial inscriptions across Berwickshire and Northumberland.

Lennel Kirkyard Transcriptions

Searchable database of Lennel kirkyard headstone transcriptions.

Cornhill-on-Tweed Transcriptions

Searchable database of Cornhill-on-Tweed churchyards headstone transcriptions.

Coldstream People

A directory of well known and notable people with connections to Coldstream.

Historic Documents

Scans of historic Coldstream documents, including civic records and vintage newspaper cuttings.

Historic Videos

Historic Coldstream video clips.

Coldstream Elsewhere

Research is under way to identify and get in touch with other places across the world sharing the name Coldstream.

Coldstream Football Club History

The Society is working in partnership with Coldstream Football Club to document the club's history.


Orchard Walk

Research of for a name for a lane that was previously untitled. A survey of neighbours concluded that 'Orchard Walk' was a very appropriate name given that many years ago the area was an orchard.

James Charles Purvis Memorial

A plaque for one of 'the 300' who died in the Charge of the Light Brigade during the Crimean War.

Lennel Kirk Stabilisation

Efforts to stablise the ancient Lennel Kirk, last used in 1705 but apparently not owned by anyone.

Wark Castle History

This project aims to produce a definitive account of the history of the castle.

Churchill Secret Army

This is a bunker in the woods close to Coldstream. From the second world war.

Carriage Tax Rolls, 1785-1798 in Berwickshire

The carriage tax rolls in Berwickshire (Not yet complete.)

Lees Temple in Snow

The Lees

The Lees Estate Coldstream a brief history. With some old and new photographs.

J R and S

John Rutherford and Sons

Four generations of the Rutherford family

Twizell Castle and Bridge

Twizell and Cornhill Villages

Twizell Cornhill including the Railway Stations from Berwick to Kelso


Ladykirk Churchyard

Searchable database of Ladykirk Kirkyard headstone transcriptions.

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