West – Row 10 – 1 Purves/Henderson/White


In memory of MARGARET PURVES wife of WILLIAM HENDERSON Coldstream born at Quixwood in January 1809 she died at Coldstream on the 27th July 1891. Also of the said WILLIAM HENDERSON born at Upsettlington 29th April 1809 died at Coldstream 29th December 1897. THOMAS PURVES HENDERSON born 9th April 1842 died 22nd December 1906. GEORGE FRANCIS HENDERSON died 9th July 1928 JESSIE ALLAN WHITE wife of G.F. HENDERSON died 25th January 1942.


Thomas Henderson was born at Wick, Caithnesshire, he was Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Indicateds London and lived at 7 High Street, East North Side. William Henderson was born at Ladykirk, he was a Draper. Wife Margaret was born at Abbey St. Bathans. George Henderson was born at Coldstream and he was a  Draper’s Assistant.

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