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First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

East – row 8 – 1 – Reid

In loving memory of GEORGE REID died 9th March 1964 aged 65 years. And his wife BESSIE REID died 26th September 1990 aged 86 years. And son ALEXANDER REID died 24th January 1928 aged 6 months.

East – Row 8 – 3 – Ferguson/Fairbairn/Walker

Erected by GEORGE FERGUSON in loving memory of his wife MARGARET FAIRBAIRN who died at Oxenrig 13th January 1928 aged 69 years. Also the above GEORGE FERGUSON died at Hatchednize 4th February 1940 aged 84 years. Also their youngest daughter ISABELLA and widow of DAVID WALKER Jnr died at Birgham 28th January 1942 aged 60 years. Also eldest daughter CHRISTINA died at Melrose 20th July 1965 aged 86 years. 

East – Row 8 – 4 – Johnston/Maxwell/McKnight

Erected by ROBERT JOHNSTON In loving memory of WELLWOOD MAXWELL Sergeant 4th KOSB killed in action at Gallipoli 12th July 1915 aged 25 years. Also son WILLIAM Sergeant Coldstream Guards killed in action 9th October 1917 aged 25 years. Also daughter JANET McKNIGH died at Crooks Cottage 5th July 1927 aged 31 years. Also ELIZABETH McKNIGH his daughter died Crooks Cottage 4th November 1930 aged 37 years. Also MARY AGNES McKNIGH wife died Crooks Cottage  15th March 1931 aged 67 years. Also above ROBERT JOHNSTON died at Crooks Cottage 14th April 1933 aged 71 years.

East – Row 8 – 5 – Kinghorn

WILLIAM KINGHORN Scots Guards Piper born 20th August 1918 died 17th May 2003. Fondly remembered by all his friends and relatives.

East – Row 8 – 6 – Kinghorn

In loving memory of ROBERT KINGHORN died 4th February 1941 aged 57 years. And his wife MARY CHRISTINA KINGHORN who died 27th April 1965 aged 76 years. And their daughter MARY CATHERINE who died 16th January 1979. And their daughter SARAH who died 29th July 2002.

East Row 8 – 7 – Rutherford

In loving memory of our father GEORGE RUTHERFORD died at Crooks 25th August 1929 aged 59 years. Also our mother EUPHEMIA RUTHERFORD who died 23rd April 1942 aged 63 years. Also brother GEORGE died 25th February 1926 aged 25 years. Also our sister EUPHEMIA doed 13th May 1972 aged 70 years. Beside this is a stud marked with GR

East – Row 8 – 8 – Renwick/Welsh

Large Cross. In loving memory of JANE RENWICK beloved wife of THOMAS WELSH who died 31st August 1941. Also the above THOMAS WELSH 9th April 1947. WELSH on base.

East – Row 8 – 9 – Swanston/Wilkinson/Renwick

In loving memory of EUPHEMIA SWANSTON wife of GEORGE WILKINSON who died 25th March 1942 in her 66th year. Also the above GEORGE WILKINSON who died 8th January 1948 in his 71st year. Also son PETER who died 21st November 1954 in his 44th year. Their daughter EUPHEMIA who died 4th February 1991 aged 88 years. Wife of JAMES RENWICK who died 10th June 1995 in his 96th year.

East – Row – 8 – 10 – Bowman/Kerse

In memory of MARGARET BOWMAN dearly beloved wife of WILLIAM KERSE doed at Coldstream 24th December 1942 aged 67 years. Also the above WILLIAM KERSE who died 4th April 1948 in his 72nd year.

East – Row 8 – 12 – Rutherford/Dickson

In loving memory of JOHN SIBBALD RUTHERFORD beloved husband of MARGARET DICKSON who died 12th June 1943 in his 80th year. Also the above MARGARET DICKSON who died 20th December 1966 in her 104th year.

East – Row 8 – 13 – Lyon

(Military headstone - white) - Flying Officer JHS LYON DFC Royal Australian Air Force 15th March 1944 aged 21 years. That peace which passes all understanding.

East – Row 8 – 14 – Bruce/Rowland/Blanche

In loving memory of JOHN COCKBURN BRUCE who died 3rd May 1946 aged 61 years. Beloved husband of RACHEL ROWLAND who died 16th August 1974 aged 82 years. And their daughter JANET R BLANCHE 8th March 1913 - 21st January 2000 beloved wife of HERBERT j> BLANCHE 16th September 1909 - 31st March 1987.

East – Row 8 – 15 – Orr/Frame

In memory of DANIEL ORR died 4th May 1958 aged 89 years beloved husband of MARY GREENSHIELDS FRAME. Also son Flying Officer RONALD SINDAN ORR RAF (VR) killed in action 21st March 1944 aged 23 years. And the above MARY GREENSHIELDS FRAME who died 23rd September 1970 aged 95 years. Also daughter MARJORIE ORR who died 9th April 2007 aged 91 years.  

East – Row 8 – 16 – Burnup

In loving memory of HERBERT w BURNUP who died 13th January 1952 aged 75 years. And of his sister ALICE MARY BURNUP who died 21st April 1969 aged 88 years.

East – Row 8 – 17 – Auld/Riches

Loving memory of our Mum JEAN MS AULD nee RICHES 3rd July 1929 - 19th December 2007. Give not nor speak of me with tears. But laugh and talk of me. Ay if I were beside you.    

East – Row 8 – 18 – Moffat

In loving memory of ALISON MOFFAT MBE who died 13th May 2009 aged 73 years. Dear mother of Neil and Duncan. Loving wife of HENRY GORDON MOFFAT. Forever in our thoughts.  

East – Row 8 – 19 – Ford

In loving memory of our dear ALEX FORD who died 11th November 1956 aged 26 years. Also his mother MARGARET FORD who died 3rd FEbruary 1968 aged 75 years. Also father ALEX FORD who died 18th May 1977 aged 80 years.

East – Row 8 – 20 – Makepeace

In loving memory of NEVILLE MAKEPEACE who died at Hope Park on 13th February 1957. Also dear wife CATHERINE MAKEPEACE who died 24th January 2002 aged 87 years.

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