Coldstream People

A directory of notable Coldstream people from previous times. Please click the name of each person for full details and a larger image. The Society feels that Coldstream people who made their mark in whatever they were involved in should be identified and highlighted. Two very different people, from very different eras, are the Reverend Doctor Adam Thomson of the Free Bible Society and Tommy Ledgerwood of Partick Thistle Football Club, and these are included. Others are being added, as time allows.

First World War

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Second World War

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Boer War

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Eric Tait

This is the story of a local lad who ‘made good’ with Berwick Rangers Football Club.

JUS-ROL Tom Forsyth

Forsyth and the JUS-ROL legend   Tom Forsyth’s family had a bakery business in Innerleithen and Tom along with his brothers all joined the family business on leaving school. By the 1930’s Tom had purchased his own bakery business in Coldstream at 44 High Street. The bakery prospered under his ownership and an outside catering …

Marjoribanks of the Lees

Roger Marjoribanks of Guidford, Surrey, is the current Secretary of the Marjoribanks Clan and has kindly sent the Society an account of the Lees branch of the Marjoribanks. This is to be read in conjunction with the text from the society’s book ‘Second to None: A History of Coldstream’ which helps to widen the Marjoribanks story. We hope you enjoy reading it.

Provost Hans Langmack

This is the story of one of Coldstream’s notable Provosts, Hans Langmack, who was very ubiquitous in the town of Coldstream. Society member Gerald Tait can remember moving to Duns Road in 1979 with his family and Hans lived across the road. He was the first to knock on the door and welcome the Tait family to Coldstream.Hans is buried in Lennel Kirkyard and this is accounted in the Lennel Headstone Transcriptions part of this website.

Reverend Adam Thomson

The Rev ADAM THOMSON  who was born in Coldstream in 1776 and ordained in March 1806 where after a faithful ministry of 65 years he died in 1861

This is essentially the story of the Reverend Adam Thomson DD, the Minister of the Parish Church, who was born in Coldstream in 1779 and died, still in office, in 1861 at the ripe old age of 82 years. His fame in Coldstream and elswhere is greatly related to the Coldstream Free Bible Press. The Society is eternally grateful to the late Doctor Brian J. Sproule for this informative account of a very worthy person.

Reverend Thomas Smith Goldie

Thomas Smith Goldie was one of the most noteable Ministers of Coldstream Parish Church. His tenure was between 1830-1859.

Yorkie “King of the road”

The two photographs are of Yorkie, a tramp of whom my elders frequently spoke in my youth. Also known as Border Rover he was feared by many as his approach could be heard long off ranting and raving. He was a fisher an angler who indeed roamed far and near in the Borders. Certainly author Lavina Derwent, the pen name of Elizabeth Dodd MBE mentioned him in some of her autobiographical books based on her family farm near the Carter Bar. The photographs are taken at the now demolished Kinsham Lodge and the other person is the Lodge occupant Tom Hewitt. The Hewits were family friends and the photographs come courtesy of Anne Henderson nee Hewitt, Tom”s daughter long since in Australia. Yorkie was found dead near Bogend, Duns perhaps by suicide through drinking sheep dip, his dog had to be shot as it would not let helpers near him. He is buried in Fogo Kirkyard where a stone was raised over him by the local Trottter family. Local legend was that his father was a ”high up” in the Church and Yorkie like many others had served and suffered in WW1 causing him to take to the road.

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