Private David Elliot

Private David Brown Elliot, 46th Battalion ( South Saskatchewan ), Canadian Infantry. He fell in action in France on 3rd September 1918, aged 20, during the ” Advance to Victory “. He was the son of Walter and Annie Elliot of Twislop, Liddesdale and is buried in Chapel Corner Cemetery, Sauchy-Lestree, Pas de Calais, France. His Headstone is inscribed ” Dear Is The Memory That Shall Never Fade “.  He was working as a farm labourer in Grenfell, Saskatchewan when he enlisted in December 1915. Due to its very high casualty rates the unit was known as the ” Suicide Battalion “. It lost 1,433 Killed and 3,484 wounded in 27 months service. ( A normal Battalion strength would be around 1,000 men ). The photographs show Allied troops pressing against the retreating German army during the final 100 days of the War.

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