Section B – Row 32 – 1 – Rowe/Compton


Sacred to the memory  of WILLIAM HUTTON  ROWE Esq. of  Coldstrearn Surgeon  who died 14th February  1852 aged 38 years. Also of GEORGE  ROWE son of the above who died 9th July 1851 aged 14 months. Also of WILLIAM  ROWE second  son of the above who died at Hobart New York on the 17'th September 1868 in the 23rd  year of his age.Also of RALPH ROWE  third son of the above who died at Chillian Valparaiso on the 5th February  1869 in the 22nd year of his age. Also his wife ISABELLA A COMPTON who married  again and who died 28th March 1888 aged 74 years.Also ISABELLA ROWE  his daughter  who died 4th August  1920 aged 77 years.

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