Middle – Row 16

First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Middle – Row 16 – 1 – Kerr

Erected by THOMAS KERR in memory of his father JOHN KERR who died at Coldstream 27 June 1854 aged 77 years. Also his mother ISABELLA KERR who died 8 November 1861 aged 76 years. Also said THOMAS KERR died 26 February 1860 aged 44 years. Also his bother ALEXANDER KERR died at Southhill Park Berkshire 26 November 1844 aged 22 years. Also AGNES N KERR his niece who died 10 May 1850 aged 6 months. Also his sister ISABELLA KERR who died 18 April 1863 aged 55 years.

Middle – Row 16 – 3 – Wallace/Rankin/Brown

Erected in memory of JOHN WALLACE teacher Coldstream who died 14 February 1849 aged 61 years. And ELIZABETH RANKIN his wife who died 7 July 1854 aged 58 years. Also JOHN their son who died 19 February 1824 aged 4 years. Also JOHN ARCHd their son who died 10 February 1836 aged 7 months. Also JOHN WALLACE BROWN their grandson who died 28 April 1847 aged 21 months. Also of ARCHIBALD RANKIN Coldstream who died 14 November 1842 aged 75. And of ANN CLAY his widow who died 6 February 1857 aged 86 years.

Middle – Row 16 – 4 – Scott/Moffat/Smith

Sacred to the memory of ISABEL SCOTT wife of ALEXR MOFFAT Tailor in Coldstream who died 15 Sep 1812 aged 28 years.

Also JOHN his son who died 3 February 1815 aged 6 months.

And MARY his daughter died 26 Sepr 1824 aged 20 years.

Also HANNAH his daughter who died 5 January 1825 aged 11 months.

And HANNAH SMITH his wife died 22 March 1832 aged 36 years.

Middle – Row 16 – 5 – Gibson

In memory of ANDREW GIBSON Tinsmith Coldstream who died 21 March 1832 aged 46 years. Also AGNES his daughter who died 4 March 1832 aged 14 years. And ISABEL his daughter died 19 March 1832 aged 17 years.

Middle – Row 16 – 6 – Purves/Clay

(Large monument previously fallen on its face. Efforts were successfully made to fund a reinstatement and the present photograph is the first phase of the repair. Robertson Memorials of Kelso have said that they are going to revisit the repair in the finer weather of the spring. The Society is very proud of this reinstatement and thanks everyone for their help and contributions)

The mortal remains of AGNES GRIEVE aged 2. SARAH ELIZABETH aged 2. And MARGARET aged 12 years. The beloved children  AGNES of PURVES  Lennel Hill are here deposited in humble submission to the will of Him who said suffer little children to come unto me. JAMES PURVES  the affectionate and beloved husband and father who departed this life at Ford on the 11th December 1840 to the inexpressible grief of a sorrowing wife and family aged 49 years.

Also AGNES CLAY wife of JAMES PURVES who died at Musselburgh on the 11th June 1860 aged 68 years beloved and dearly regretted by her surviving family. MARGARET MORRISON the much loved child of PETER WM PURVES and grand daughter of the said JAMES PURVES aged 10 months.

(On rear) Also JAMES CHARLES 3rd son of JAMES PURVES who was wounded in the Charge of the Light Brigade at Balaclava and died in Scutari in Turkey 2 January 1855 aged 23 years.

Middle – Row 16 – 8 – Douglas/Wilson/Witty

(High obelisk, in railed enclosure. Surrounded by trees). Erected to the memory of JANE DOUGLAS wife of GEORGE WILSON Chemist Coldstream who died 22 January 1846 aged 36 years. She was the loved of all and cut down as a flower. Also JANE OLIVER WILSON died 22 March 1851 aged 21 years. She fell asleep in Jesus. Also JAMES DOUGLAS WILSON who died November 13 1856 aged 23 years.

(On the rear) Erected to the memory of JAMES WILSON Coldstream died 1 February 1843 aged 30 years. (On the side) In memory of GEORGE WILSON of Georgefield died 26 April 1878 aged 72 years. Also wife ANNE WITTY of Driffield Yorks died at Coldstream 17 July 1883 aged 62 years.

Middle – Row 16 – 9 – Bennet

Erected by THOMAS BENNET Upsetlington (italics) in memory of his spouse AGNES BENNET who died November 16 1821 aged 59 years. The remains of the said THOMAS BENNET are also interred here who died 7 August 1827 aged 65 years.

(On the rear) Renewed by their grandsons THOMAS and WILLIAM BENNET died October 1890.

Middle – Row 16 – 11 – Hastie/Crooks

Erected by JOHN HASTIE in memory of MARGARET CROOKS his mother in law who died at Coldstream Mains 4 April 1863 aged 82 years. Also AGNES his daughter who died 14 March 1864 aged 23 years. Also GEORGE HENRY his son who died in infancy.

Middle – Row 16 – 12 – Inglis

In loving memory of WALTER INGLIS who died at Kames E. Mains April 9 1899 aged 65 years. Also CATHERINE daughter of the above who died June 17 1882 aged 15 years. Also ROBERT and HENRIETTA son and daughter of the above who died in infancy. Also MARY daughter of the above who died 25 June 1949 aged 79 years. Also ROBERT son of the above who died at Tweedmouth 14 November 1959 aged 85 years.

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