Middle – Row 16 – 8 – Douglas/Wilson/Witty


(High obelisk, in railed enclosure. Surrounded by trees). Erected to the memory of JANE DOUGLAS wife of GEORGE WILSON Chemist Coldstream who died 22 January 1846 aged 36 years. She was the loved of all and cut down as a flower. Also JANE OLIVER WILSON died 22 March 1851 aged 21 years. She fell asleep in Jesus. Also JAMES DOUGLAS WILSON who died November 13 1856 aged 23 years.

(On the rear) Erected to the memory of JAMES WILSON Coldstream died 1 February 1843 aged 30 years. (On the side) In memory of GEORGE WILSON of Georgefield died 26 April 1878 aged 72 years. Also wife ANNE WITTY of Driffield Yorks died at Coldstream 17 July 1883 aged 62 years.

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