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First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Ford Section – A – 20 – Lockie

Sacred to the memory of THOMAS the beloved son of ROBERT AND MARGARET LOCKIE  who died at Barmoor 13th March 1876 aged 34 years.

Also MARGARET LOCKIE mother of the above who died at Kimmerston 21st April 1883 aged 84 years.

Also ALEXANDER LOCKIE son of the above who died at Ford 22nd March 1898 aged 59 years.

Also ELEANOR LOCKIE daughter of the above who died at Kelso 25th January 1925 aged 61 years.

Ford Section – A – 21 – Taylor/Henry

In loving rememberance of JOHN the beloved son of JOHN & MARY TAYLOR who deid at Watchlaw 23rd March 1882 aged 24 years.

Also MARY JANE TAYLOR beloved wife of JOHN C HENRY who died 7th February 1887 aged 28 years.

Also the above JOHN TAYLOR who died at Watchlaw 4th February 1889 aged 63 years.

Also the above MARY ANN TAYLOR who died at Norham 5th July 1903 in her 84th year

Ford Section – A – 22 – Wait

Erected by JOHN & CHRISTIAN WAIT in loving memory of JOHN their son who died at Ford Forge 18th January 1885 aged 18 years.

And of ANDREW their son who died at Ford Forge 25th February 1902 aged 29 years.

Ford Section – A – 24 – Allan

In memory of MARK ALLAN son of ROBERT &  BARBARA ALLAN who died June 29th 1848 aged 22 years.

Also WILLIAM son of the above who died at Ford Moss April 20th AD 1851 aged 24 years.

On reverse

And of BARBARA wife of ROBERT ALLAN Ford Moss who died April 8th 1858 aged 65 years 

Ford Section – A – 25 – Williams/Palmer

In affectionate memory of JAMES & FRANK sons of JOHN & MARGARET WILLIAMS. JAMES born November 2nd 1870 died April 7th 1878.

FRANK  born September 1878 died April 7th 1879. God has called our little

JAMMIE born January 16th 1883 died December 4th 1888 “The Lord is my Shepherd”

MARY PALMER WILLIAMS  born September 9th  1878 died July 1890

ALICE WILLIAMS born December 28th 1876 died July 4th  1909 “At  rest”

The above MARGARET WILLIAMS  died at Edinburgh April 4th 1925 aged 84 years.


Ford Section – A – 26 – Mowatt

Sacred to the memory of ALICE wife of ANDREW MOWATT who died at Ford 11th January 1886 aged 72 years.

Also the above ANDREW MOWATT  who died at Ford 20th June 1886 aged 71 years

Ford Section – A – 27 – Lowrie

In affectionate remembrance of  SUSAN ANN LOWRIE who died at Mount Pleasant 4th February  1880 aged 76 years.

ALEXANDER LOWRIE  her husband who died at Pallinsburn East Field  20th April 1887 in his 87 year.

JAMES LOWRIE their son who died at East Field 23rd January 1910  aged 76 years .

Ford Section – A – 28 – Jackson

In loving memory of ANN JACKSON  daughter of HUGH & H ELEN JACKSONwho died at Ford Westfield 3rd September 1867 aged 15 years.

JOSEPH JACKSON who died at Fenton 7th August 1870 aged 7 years.

MARIA  JACKSON  who died at Laverick Law 22nd June 1873 aged 19 years

Also the above  HUGH JACKSON who died at Nesbit 6th December 1898 aged 74 years.

Ford Section – A – 29 – Muckle

In memory of CHRISTINA MUCKLE who died at Etal 20th  July 1848 aged 29 years.

Also their infant son THOMAS who died 16th June 1848.

Also JOHN MUCKLE who died at Etal August 5th 1854 aged 8 years.

Ford Section – A – 30 – Watson

Erected in memory of JOHN aged 8 years. GEORGE aged 3 years and WILLIAM age 16 years sons of  WILLIAM  &  ISABELLA  WATSON of Lookout  in this Parish who died respectively on 11th 16th 20th December 1848.

Also of the said WILLIAM  WATSON their father who died on the 10th July 1849 aged 46 years.

Also THOMAS  son of the above who died May 21st 1867 aged 32 years

The above ISABELLA WATSON died 18th March 1884 aged 73 years.

On reverse of stone

In memoriam of WILLIAM WATSON son of ROBERT & JANE WATSON died 25th May 1870 aged 6 months.

Ford Section – A – 31 – Tait

Erected BY WILLIAM & JANE TAIT in memory of ISABELLA TAIT their daughter who died at Ford Westfield 20th August 1866 aged 16 years.

Also ROOBERT their son who died 2nd August 1867 aged 25 years.

Also WILLIAM TAIT their father who died 27th July 1858 aged 62 years.

Also JANE ANN TAIT beloved wife and mother of the above who deid the 5th January 1871 aged 64 years

Ford Section – A – 32 – Locke

Sacred to the memory of  MATTHEW  LOCKE  who departed this life (at Ewart) April 1dt 1864 aged 42 years.

Also ANN his daughter who departed this life (At Ford Moss)  May 4th 1848 aged 2 years.

Ford Section – A – 33 – Sheil

Erected by  WILLIAM & JANE SHEIL in memory of their daughter JANE SHEIL who died at Ford Hill 1st June 1883 aged 5 years.

“Prepare to meet thy God”

Ford Section – A – 34 – Todd

In loving memory of ELIZA wife of JOHN TODD, Ford who died October 9th 1901 aged 62 years.

Also the above JOHN TODD who died February 17th 1918 aged 76 years.

Ford Section – A – 38 – Greenfield/Forsyth

In memory of HELEN DODDS beloved wife of ROBERT GREENFIELD, Pallinsburn Gardens who died 6th September 1875 aged 55 years.

Also HELEN daughter of the above who departed this life 30th September 1860 aged 14 years.

ROBERT GREENFIELD died October 29th 1895 aged 82 years.

ISABELLA  FORSYTH aunt of the above who died 15th January 1871 aged 84 years.

Ford Section – A – 39 – Mole

In loving memory of WILLIAM MOLE who died at Hay Farm 6th December 1867 aged 70 years.

JANE his wife died 23rd October 1870 aged 60.

ELIZABETH their daughter died 9th February 1875 aged 36

ALEXANDER their son died at Ford Forge 9th October 1886 aged 43.

And ANNIE his wife died at Pawston 14th February 1899 aged 48

JAMES their son died at Heatherslaw 10th December 1902 aged 67.

And BARBARA his wife died at Pallinsburn Cottage 17th November 1915 aged 80.

“Until he come”

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