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First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Ford Section – A – 1 – Neville

To the beloved memory of HASTINGS M NEVILLE for  38 years Rector of Ford born September 5th 1840 died February 12th 1912

"I will lay down in peace and take my rest, for it is ?? Lord only that ? no dwell in safety " 

FRANCE SEYMOUR NEVILLE son of the above died August 4th 1910

Ford Section – Private Burial Place 1 – Joicey/Smyles

In loving memory of MARGUERITE SMYLES the dearly loved wife OF JAMES, 1ST BARON JOICEY of Chester le Street, of Ford Castle who died 4 July 1911 aged 58 years.
And of JAMES, FIRST BARON JOICEY who died at Ford Castle 21 November 1936 aged 90 years.

ELIZABETH AMY the beloved wife of JAMES JOICEY, afterwards first Baron Joicey of Chester le Street.
Died 1 December 1881 aged 25 years. Interred at Jesmond. In proud & loving memory of

action near Calonne, France 20 March 1916. Captain & Adjutant of the 10th
Northumberland Fusiliers. Aged 31 years

In affectionate remembrance of DREVER younger
son of JAMES, BARON JOICEY & MARGUERITE his wife. Born 1 April 1886 died 27 January 1915.
And of their only daughter MARGUERITE DE FONTAINE DREVER. Born 16 September
1887, died 25 April 1924.

Ford Section – A – 3 – Neville

Sacred to the memory of CHARLES ROLFE NEVILLE forth son of HASTINGS M NEVILLE Rector of Ford, who died on the 27th day of March 1890 aged 19 years.

" Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see the Lord"

On the reverse

EUSTACE MAURY  NEVILLE second son of HASTING M NEVILLE   Rector of Ford died December 19th 1871 aged 3 years and was buried at Trimpley Worcestershire.

Ford Section – A – 5 – Smith

Sacred to the memory of CATHERINE SMITH who died at Linthaugh January 6th 1891 aged 62 years.

Also WILLIAM SMITH husband of the above who died May 16th 1902 aged 64 years.

Ford Section – A – 6 – Walker

Erected by ALEXANDER & SUSAN WALKER in memory of their son JOSEPH who died at Ford Mills July 6th  1890 aged 15 years.

Also four of their children who died in infancy.

Ford Section – A – 7 – Kennedy/Dodds

In loving memory of JEANETTA KENNEDY wife of PETER DODDS who died May 30th 1897 aged 32 years.

"Looking unto Jesus"

On the reverse

Also to the memory of ELIZABETH &  WILHELMINA DODDS who died in infancy and are buried at Lennel

Ford Section – A – 8 – Dodds

GEORGE DODDS of Encampment who died July 8th 1892 aged 55 years, and of GEORGE  his son who died March 12th 1890 aged 28 years.

On Reverse

Also of ELIZABETH DODDS his wife who died March 22nd 1899 aged 62 years.

"Untill the resurrection Morn" 

Ford Section – A – 9 – Moore/Whittle

Erected by WILLIAM & ELIZABETH MOORE in affectionate rememberance of their beloved son WILLIAM, who died at Ford Moss  9th April 1890 aged 27 years.

Also MARY their daughter who died at Seghill 31st  Hanuary 1880 aged 27 years.

In loving rememberance of ELIZABETH WHITTLE  daughter of MARY and Granddaughter of WILLIAM  & ELIZABETH MOORE died at Bexhill Sussex 17th May 1967

Ford Section – A – 10 – Robson

In loving memory of AGNES daughter of ADAM ROBSON of Crookham  who died November 19th 1890 aged 47 years.

Also MARGARET widow of ADAM ROBSON who died June 7th 1892 aged 77 years.

Also JANE ROBSON his daughter  who died at Crookham  December 4th 1896 aged 55 years.   

Ford Section – A – 12 – Curle

In loving memory of ARCHIBALD CURLE the beloved son of RICHARD & MARY ANN CURLE who died at Crookham 11th December 1888 aged 1 year.

"He shall gather the lambs in his arms"

Ford Section – A – 13 – Firman

In loving memory WILLIAM ALFRED FIRMAN died at Pallinsburn 21st June 1891 aged 44 years.

ADA daughter off the above died at the Crookham 20th November 1891 aged 9 months.

Ford Section – A – 14 – Henderson

Erected by PETER & WILLIAM   HENDERSON in memory of  WILLIAM  HENDERSON who died at Ford Hill 10th April 1887 aged 55 years.

Also ANN HENDERSON wife of the above who deid at East Learmouth 18th January 1908 aged 78 years.

Also PETER HENDERSON son of the above who died at East Leamouth 29th January 1905 aged 48 years. 


Ford Section – A- 15 – Arell

In loving memory of ELEANOR yougest daughter of RALPH & ELEANOR AREL died at East Flodden September 8th 1887 aged 19 years

Also ELEANOR died in infancy May 30th 1865.

Ford Section – A – 18 – Mowett

Erected in memory of ANDREW MOWETT who died at Ford May 28th 1862 aged 86 years.

Also MARGARET wife of the above who died October 17rh 1867 aged 88 years.

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