West – Row 6 – 6 – Gibson/Metcalfe/Hendry


 (Hidden in trees) In memory of JAMES GIBSON for many years groom to the EARL of HOME who died 20th April 1885 aged 44years.

Also JANET ANN his daughter wife of PETER METCALFE  who died at Selkirk 6th April 1901 aged 33 years.

Also AGNES HENDRY his wife who died 13th September 1912 aged 68 years.


James Gibson was born on 21 August 1841 in Coldstream, Berwickshire, the son of Christina and Charles. He married Agnes Hendry on 16 February 1866 in his hometown. They had six children during their marriage. He died on 29 October 1885 at the age of 44 years

When Agnes Hendry was born in 1841 in Kelso, Roxburghshire, her father, Peter, was 27, and her mother, Janet, was 41. She married James Gibson on 16 February 1866 in Coldstream, Berwickshire. They had six children during their marriage. She died on 13 September 1912 at the age of 71.


When Janet Ann Gibson was born on 5 March 1868 in Coldstream, Berwickshire, her father, James, was 26, and her mother, Agnes, was 27. She had three brothers and two sisters. She died on 16 April 1901 in Selkirk, Selkirkshire, at the age of 33.

Peter Metcalfe was born in 1867 in Selkirk, Selkirkshire.


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