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First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

West Row 23 – 1 Ford/Middlemas

Erected by MARY FORD in memory of her husband ANDREW FORD Plumber Coldstream died 12th March 1904 aged 52 years.

Also the above MARY FORD died 9th September 1931 aged 72 years.

Also their daughter MARY died 26th July 1948 aged 56 years.

Also son WILLIAM FORD who died 10th July 1984 aged 89 years. A

lso grandson ALEXR MIDDLEMAS who died 18th May 1985 aged 67 years.

Also GEORGE W. FORD died 11th April 1988 aged 90 years.

West Row 23 – 2 Dickson/Chisholm/Guthrie

Erected by HANNAH DICKSON in memory of ADAM CHISHOLM her husband who died 1st March 1905 aged 58 years.

Also the above HANNAH DICKSON diesd 1st April 1932 aged 89 years.

Also daughter GRACE FORREST beloved wife of DAVID GUTHRIE died 2nd February 1946.

Also the above DAVID GUTHRIE died 27 March 1949 aged 63 years.

This letter has been a long time in the writing, since John & I met you by chance at the Coldstream Lennel Kirkyard in September 2017, while we were cleaning John’s family grave, and offered to write up some of the family history. John’s grandparents, David Guthrie and Grace Forest Guthrie (nee Chisholm), are buried …

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West Row 23 – 3 Fulton/Sword

Erected in the memory of JANE FULTON wife of ROBERT FULTON who died at Sunnyside 25th March 1905 aged 55 years.

Also the above ROBERT FULTON who died 29th October 1938 aged 86 years.

Also JOHN son of the above borm 6th March 1981 died 12th January 1948.

Also CHRISTINA FULTON born 14th June 1885 died 27th September 1962 wife of the above JOHN and of her mother AGNES STUART RITCHIE SWORD born 19th December 1850 died 18th May 1933.

West Row 23 – 4 Cairns/Bell

JOHN CAIRNS late of the Hirsel Gardens died 15th March 1906 aged 57 years.

Also AGNESS BELL wife died 30th June 1921 aged 74 years.

West Row 23 – 5 Oliver/Matthew

JANE OLIVER wife of PETER MATTHEW died 30th April 1906 aged 66 years.

Also the above PETER MATTHEW died 18th June 1925 aged 86 years.

Also beloved daughter JANE who died 21st October 1951 aged 79 years.

West Row 23 – 6 Mattison/Anderson/Dickson

ANDREW MATTISON died 1st May 1906 aged 80 years.

JOHN, son, died in Edinburgh 4th February 1899 aged 37 years.

Also MARGARET DICKSON died 30 April 1913 aged 74 years.

CHRISTINA daughter died 16th September 1938 aged 67 years.

MARGARET his daughter and wife FRANCIS ANDERSON died 1st December 1942 aged 74 years.

Also the above FRANCIS ANDERSON died 26th December 1954 aged 84 years,

west Row 23 – 8- Fletcher/Hutchison

Headstone in the shape of a cross – ELIZABETH LAWSON FLETCHER wife of Dr. WILLIAM FLETCHER DSO of Etal Northumberland amd daughter of the Reverend A. Rodger of Coldstream died 14th July 1906.

WILLIAM FLETCHER DSO died in Edinburgh 8th January 1933 aged 69 years.

Front of the cross – In loving memory of ETHEL BEATRICE daughter of GEORGE and BEATRICE WILSON born 22nd July 1981 died 26th September 1906. South side –

In loving memory of BEATRICE TURNBULL HUTCHISON wife of GEORGE WILSON died 22nd June 1915 in her 77th year. North side – GEORGE WILSON JP Knowepark Coldstream died 18th July 1919 in his 79th year.

West Row 23 – 9 – Hood/Wilson/Hogue

In memory of THOMAS HOOD factor Coldstream tenant of Bogend born 17th May 1843 died 27th October 1906.

MARGARET HOGUE HOOD his grand daughter died 6th July 1908 aged 8 months buried at Mansourah, Egypt.

THOMAS HOOD grandson of the above died Ras-El-Khalig, Egypt, 20 June 1910.

THOMAS HOOD of R_E_K only son of THOMAS HOOD bogend killed in France 12th October 1916 aged 41 years.

MARY TODD WILSON his wife died at Bridge of Allan 2nd March 1924 aged 56 years born at Logie Stirlingshire.

ROBINA HOGUE wife of THOMAS HOOD bogend born 4th May 1941 died 1st January 1928.

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