West – Row 22

First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

West Row 22 – 1 Rowland/Guthrie

Erected by PETER ROWLAND in memory of MARY GUTHRIE his wife who died 16th December 1911 aged 37 years.

Also PETER their son who died 21st January 1903 aged 3 weeks.

Also SARAH their daughter who died 21st August 1924 aged 16 years 10 months.

Also the above PETER ROWLAND who died 26th August 1945 aged 82 years

West Row 22 – 2 Burns/Small/Alcorne/Shed

In loving memory of JOHN BURNS Draper Provost of Coldstream 1903-1912 who died 4th December 1917 aged 80 years.

Also MARY SMALL his wife who died 9th October 1908 aged 70 years.

Also their daughter MARGARET ALCORNE died 13th February 1903 aged 29 years, and MARY ANNE died 20th June 1912 aged 41 years.

Also CAROLINE SHED died 29 October 1913 aged 37 years (but check that the Shed person is not a separate headstone).

West Row 22 – 3 Dickson/Darling/Walker/Aikman/Leitch

In loving memory of JOHN DICKSON beloved husband of MARGERY DARLING who died at Coldstream 9th March 1903 aged 54 years.

Also the said MARGERY DARLING who died 31st October 1916 aged 80 years.

Also ANDREW WALKER DICKSON only son who died at London 12th February 1953 aged 68 years.

South side of monument

MARGERY DARLIN G who died 31st October 1916 aged 60 years.

Also MARY DONALDSON LEITCH beloved wife of ANDREW W. DICKSON who died at London 21st January 1960.

North side of monument 

Also AGNES their youngest daughter and wife of PETER AIKMAN who was drowned on her voyage to South Africa 12th September 1918.

West Row 22 – 4 Scott/Moor

In loving memory of ALEXANDER SCOTT Newcastle Arms Hotel Coldstream who died 25th March 1903 aged 63 years.

Also MARGARET MOOR his wife who died 13th November 1908 aged 76 years.

West Row 22 – 5 Gibson/Trotter

This headstone is leaning over 

In loving memory of MARGARET ANN GIBSON who died 7th June 1903 aged 71 years.

Also WILLIAM TROTTER her husband who died 13th August 1904 aged 75 years.

Also their youngest daughter MARY died at Royal infirmary Edinburgh 21st July 1940 aged 63 years.

West Row 22 – 6 Todd/Ingles

In loving memory of CATHERINE TODD who died at Kames East Mains 31st July 1903 aged 55years.

Also GEORGE TODD Farmer Kames East Mains who died 6th November 1904 aged 66 years. Son and daughter of the late HENRY and CATHERINE TODD.

Also MARION TODD daughter of the above and widow of the late WALTER INGLIS who died 27th February 1915 aged 79 years.

West Row 22 – 7 Romanes

In memory of HELEN ROMANES died 30TH September 1903 and of her son JOHN died 13th October 1970 dearly loved husband of MARY died September 1986

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