West – Row 12

First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

West – Row 12 – 1 – Calder/Robertson

(Small surrounding wall) -

Erected by WILLIAM ALLAN CALDER Oxenrig in memory of his daughter ALICE born 12th March 1887 died 26th October 1902.

Also the above WILLIAM ALLAN CALDER born 12th April 1841 died 21st November 1915.

Also his wife JANE FINLAY ROBERTSON born 11th August 1853 died 27th May 1937

West Row 12 – 2 Watson/Craig

n loving memory of THOMAS WATSON beloved husband of MARGARET CRAIG who died at Coldstream 23rd February 1919 aged 81 years.  Also the above MARGARET CRAIG who died at Coldstream 13th November 1922 aged 83 years. Also their daughter ELIZABETH WATSON who died 10th April 1953 aged 85 years.

West Row 12 – 3 Anderson/Good

IHS. In loving memory of JAMES ANDERSON who died at Coldstream 4th April 1905 aged 68 years. Also ISABELLA, THOMAS and JAMES children of the above who died in infancy.  Also JANE daughter of the above who died 19th June 1919 aged 40 years. Also THOMASINA GOOD wife of the above died 8th December 1927 aged 80 years.  Also WILLIAM youngest son of the above who died 3rd November 1928 aged 36 years.  (There is a small marker stone beside this headstone).

West Row 12 – 4 Laws/Carmichael

Sacred to the memory of ANNIE LAWS beloved wife of GEORGE CARMICHAEL Coldstream who died 16th February 1891 aged 35 years.  Also of the above GEORGE CARMICHAEL who died 11th June 1908 aged 49 years. Also his widow JANE CLARKE who died 1st October 1937 aged 70 years.  Also the son ALEXANDER killed in action 24th August 1916 aged 28 years.

West Row 12 – 5 Weatherson/Kinghorn

In loving memory of SARAH WEATHERSON wife of ROBERT KINGHORN who died 9th March 1891 aged 42 years. Also GEORGE their son who died 2nd September 1901 aged 10 years. Also the above ROBERT KINGHORN who died 27th December 1916 aged 70 years. Also SARAH their daughter who died 19th January 1962 aged 74 years. Also JAMES their son who died 21 June 1962 aged 79 years.

West row 12 – 6 Hardie/Gant

Erected by MARY HARDIE in memory of her husband DAVID GANT who died at Skaithmuir 22nd  September 1898 aged 46 years.  Also ALICE their daughter who died 22nd September 1894 aged 26 years.  Also CHRISTINA their daughter who died 13th March 1896 aged 25 years. Also WILLIAM their son who died 9th September 1899 aged 27 years.  Also the above MARY HARDIE who died 23rd January 1909 aged 65 years. Also ROBERT their son who died 25th April 1909 aged 23 years.  

West – Row 12 – 7 – Tait/Frizzel

(Surrounded by bushes) Erected by JACOB TAIT in loving memory of RACHAEL FRIZZEL his wife who died at Coldstream 27th July 1891 aged 28 years. Also HELEN his sister who died 27th April 1893 aged 47 years. Also the above JACOB TAIT who died 27 December 1935 aged 75 years.

West Row 12 – 8 Souter/Shaw

(Surrounded by bushes). In memory of MARGARET ANN SOUTER wife of ROBERT SHAW Coldstream born 20th August 1864 died 6th April 1891. Also MAJOR R. SHAW V.D. J.P. born 12th November 1862 died 9 October 1930.

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