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First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Coldstream Parish Church – 1 – Rev Adam Thomson – Wall Clock

This is a wall clock dedicated to the Reverend Adam Thomson DD who was Parish Church Minister in the 1800s and saved the Scottish Bible Press.

The clock is located in the south-west corner of the church. The fully story of the life of the Reverend can be found under the Lennel kirkyard transcriptions. Look for headstones on the north, outer wall of Lennel kirkyard.

Coldstream Parish Church – 2 – Alexander Rodger

The Reverend Rodger was the Minister of the East Free Church in Victoria Street, which is now the Eildon Centre. The small adjoining hall, hopefully soon to become the community gym, was named after the Reverend. 

Coldstream Parish Church – 4 – Reverend JGL Christie

Wall Plaque

To the Glory of God and in memory of the Reverend JAMES GL CHRISTIE MC MA 1888-1955 Minister of the Rodger Hall Memorial Church 1925-1950 and after the union of the Rodger Memorial and West Churches in 1950 Minister of the United congregation of the St,Cuthbert's Church until 1955. 

A devoted pastor - a faithful friend - a loyal servant of his Master.

The Reverend Christie and his wife are buried in the old Lennel kirkyard.

Coldstream Parish Church – 5 – List of Parish Church Ministers

The title is not strictly true as some of the ministers listed served other churches in the town. Some are buried in Lennel kirkyard.

The names can be seen from the left-hand photo. The Ministers on the right-hand photo are:-

1912-1919 Robert John Thomson

1919-1923 Alfred Ernest Warr

1923-1963 William Browne

1963-1973 John Jackson

1973-1980 Hugh F.Kerr

1980-1995 Iain Penman

1995-2004 James Cutler

2004-2009 James B.Watson

2011- David Taverner 






Coldstream Parish Church – 9 – Reverend Peter Mearns

The Reverend Mearns was minister of the West Church, now the Coldstream Community Centre, and lived in the Manse next door. This is dilapidated house near the centre.

Peter is buried in Lennel kirkyard, on the north side of the kirk.  

Coldstream Parish Church – 11 – James Charles Purves

This is the plaque to the Crimean war cavalry man who was engaged in the doomed Charge of the Light Brigade in late 1854. He is buried in the Crimea but mentioned on a family headstone at Lennel kirk. The headstone is 3m south of Lennel kirk and has been repaired by the History Society. Below the headstone transcription of the whole Purves family, there is a fully story of James Charles Purves. 

Here is the text on the church wall plaque:-

To the Glory of God and in memory of Private JAMES CHARLES PURVES 11th Hussars who rode in the Charge of the Light Brigade at the battle of Balaklava in the Crimean War on 25th October 1854. He later died of wounds in Scutari Hospital, Turkey 2nd January 1855 aged 25 years. His father was ALEXANDER PURVES Lennel Hill Elder of the kirk.

Gifted by Coldstream & District Local History Society 2012. 

Coldstream Parish Church – 13 – Flodden

Plaque donated by the Flodden 1513 Club of Coldstream to mark the installation of the Flodden stained glass window in 2009. The plaque complements the Flodden stained glass window immediately above it. This was manufactured and installed by a stained glass firm called Artisan of Perth. 

The wording on the plaque is as follows:-

Dedicated to the brave Scots who fell at the Battle of Flodden on 9th September 1513


Flodden 1513 Club, Coldstream Parish Church, Coldstream and District Local History Society, Scottish Borders Council Community Grants Scheme, The 1514 Club Hawick, Private Donations.

Opened by Professor John Hume Church of Scotland 22nd March 2009.

Coldstream Parish Church – 18 – Coldstream Guards

Wall plaque

To the Provost Magistrates and Burgh of Coldstream was this plaque presented by Lt.Col HK Sweening and member of 2nd batallion Coldstream Guards to commemorate their visit on 30th Aug and 14th Sep 1958.

Coldstream Parish Church – 24 – Elizabeth Countess Home

Wall plaque.

Erected to the memory of ELIZABETH Countess HOME by the inhabitants of this parish to perpetuate the remembrance of her eminent virtues and Christian worth. Also to testify their gratitude for her unwearied bounty to the poor and affected died 29th June 1857


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