Private Robin Hogg

Private Robin Cavers Hogg, Machine Gun Section, 2nd/14th Battalion ( London Scottish ) The London Regiment. He was killed in action in France on 2nd October 1916 during the Battle of the Somme, aged 19. He was the third and youngest son of Andrew and Annie Hogg of Ravensdowne, Wooler and is buried in Maroeuil British Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France. His Headstone is inscribed ” Underneath Are The Everlasting Arms “. At the time of his death the Battalion were in support trenches and he had formed a party of men sent up to the front line to carry out trench repairs. Whilst engaged in this duty a trench mortar shell landed in the trench mortally wounding him and a comrade. He was got back to the Aid Post but died there. He was born in Old Cumnock, Ayrshire on 2nd September 1897 and was educated at Old Cumnock Higher Grade School and George Watson College, Edinburgh. He enlisted on 30th March 1915 and was posted to France on 21st June 1916. He had been in a reasonably safe [position with the Transport Section but persuaded his C.O. to have him returned to the Lewis Gun Section. The photograph shows an alert Lewis gun section ready in case of an enemy counter attack. and the other photos show the Somme in late Autumn when the rains had turned the chalky and shell blasted  soil of the Region into a glutinous quagmire making all movement difficult.

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