Stoker 1st Class Thomas McQueen

Stoker 1st Class Thomas McQueen, Royal Navy. He was lost at sea aboard H.M.S. “Gloucester” on 22nd May 1941, aged 22. He was the son of Thomas and Jane McQueen of Dunscore, Dumfriesshire and is commemorated on the Plymouth Naval Memorial. The ship was a Town class light cruiser of 9,400 tons built at Devonport Dockyard and launched in 1937. In May 1941 was part of the naval forces operating against German military transports to Crete which had been invaded shortly before. On 22nd May she was in the Kythira Strait when she was attacked by Stuka dive bombers and sustained at least 4 hits before sinking. Out of her crew of 807 only 85 survived.

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