Private Archibald Chisholm

Private Archibald Chisholm, 1st Battalion, Highland Light Infantry. He died on 13th March 1915, aged 34, during the Battle of Neuve Chapelle and is buried in the Royal Irish Rifles Graveyard, Laventie,Pas de Calais, France.He was the son of Archibald Chisholm of 12 Union Street, Galashiels. The Battalion was part of the Indian Lahore Division along with 15th Sikhs, 1st/1st Gurkhas, 1st/4th Gurkhas and 4th Kings Liverpools. The Battalion along with 1st/4th Gurkhas attacked strong German positions at Layes Bridge but the attack was unsuccessful and heavy casualties resulted. This was the British Army’s first major offensive of the War against strong German positions and fought between 10th and 13th March. A breakthrough the German lines was effected but in the end could not be exploited. The Battle cost each side about 11,500 casualties. The photograph shows British troops entering Neuve Chapelle after its capture. German prisoners can be seen on the left.

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