Private Peter Reid

Private Peter Reid, 1st Battalion, Kings Own Scottish Borderers. He was killed in action at Gallipoli on 25th April 1915, aged 23, and is buried in Twelve Tree Copse Cemetery, Gallipoli, Turkey.  He had been born in Melrose and was the son of Helen and the late Patrick Reid of Sunlawshill, Roxburghshire. He had enlisted as a Regular in 1909 and had served for five years in India. The Battalion had landed at ” Y” Beach on 25th April and Private Reid fell fighting the Turkish counter attacks on the beach head which cost 296 casualties. With the help of the “11 inch” guns of the pre dreadnought H.M.S.” Goliath”  the attacks were repulsed before inexplicably the Battalion was re embarked to be sent South to support the main landings at Cape Helles. 1st K.O.S.B was a regular Battalion in the 29th Division which was itself comprised of regular Battalions. He had enlisted as a Regular Soldier in 1909 and in August 1914 was serving in Lucknow, India. The Battalion returned to England in December and hence to Gallipoli on 25th April 1915. He was the son of Helen and the late Patrick Reid of Sunlawshill, Roxburgh. His mother remarried to Peter Rodden. He was the half brother of Charles ( see above). The first photograph shows H.M.S. “Goliath” and the second looks south from “Y” Beach to Cape Helles.

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