Sergeant William Gibb

Sergeant William Gibb, 2nd Battalion, Kings Own Scottish Borderers. He was killed in action on 28th June 1918 during the Battle of the Lys, aged 23, and is buried in Tannay British Cemetery, Thiennnes, Somme, France. His Headstone is inscribed ” Too Far Away Your Grave To See But Not Too Far To Think Of Thee “. He was the son of Janet Gibb of Greenlaw and the husband of Elizabeth Gibb of Mertoun. He had been employed as a ploughman at Courthill, Nenthorn when he enlisted inb the 4th K.O.S.B. in February 1915 before being posted to the 2nd Battalion.. He fell in an assault in the Arrewage sector in which all the Battalion objectives were secured after hand to hand fighting but with the usual heavy casualties The Battalion went into action 520 strong and suffered 211 casualties. The diary states ” On that day our Jocks got home with the bayonet, as a good heap of slain testified ” The photos show British troops behind makeshift defences awaiting further German advances.

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