Corporal David Easton

Corporal David Easton,16th Battalion, Tank Corps. He was killed in action in France on 29th September 1918, aged 27, during the “Advance to Victory”. He had been born in Smailholm and was the son of Andrew and Maggie Easton of Rutherford Burnside, Maxton. He is buried in Unicorn Cemetery, Vendhule, Aisne, France. He had originally joined the K.O.S.B but later transferred to the Tank Corps. On that date the tanks were to support the U.S. 27th Division in an attack in the Ronsay sector. Conditions were poor and chaotic and the American attack failed. The tanks were isolated and heavy artillery fire put them all out of action. The surviving men dismounted and set up machine gun positions amongst the Infantry. Losses were heavy amongst the crews with 2 Officers and 21 Other Ranks killed , 1 Officer and 30 Other Ranks missing and 48 wounded.  This amounted to 66% of the Battalion. The Photograph shows a Mark 4 “Male” Tank.  “Male” tanks were armed with two 6 pounder guns. “Female ” Tanks were armed with five .303 machine guns. The other photos show Allied troops advancing against the retreating German army during the final 100 days of the War.

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