Stoker Alexander Lang

Stoker 1st Class, Alexander Lang, Royal Navy. He was lost on Operations in H.M. Submarine “Triton” on 18th December 1940, aged 24. He was the son of Thomas and Mary Lang and the husband of Mary Jane Lang of Kelso and he is commemorated on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial.  He was a regular in the Royal Navy at the outbreak of War. Early in the War the submarine was based at Dundee for patrol duty in the North Sea. On 10th September 1939 she mistakenly sank the British submarine ” Oxley ” and on 10th April 1940 she sank three German merchantmen. In September 1940 she was sent to the Mediterranean to reinforce the Fleet there. On 28th November 1940 the ” Triton ” left Malta for a patrol in the Southern Adriatic Sea. The Submarine  was never heard from again and on 18th December 1940 was declared lost with all hands. It was assumed that she was sunk by a mine in the Strait of Otranto.

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