Able Seaman John Moody

Able Seaman John Moody, Royal Navy. ( possibly ).He was lost at sea aboard H.M.S. “Cornwall” on the 5th April 1942 and is commemorated on the Plymouth Naval Memorial. The ship was a County Class heavy cruiser of 9850 long tons and a crew of 780. in May 1941 she sank the German auxiliary cruiser ” Pinguin” in the Indian Ocean. In March 1942 she was transferred to the Eastern Fleet but was caught and sunk with her sister ship ” H.M.S. ” Dorsetshire” on the 7th April by Japanese dive bombers from three carriers during their Indian Ocean Raid.424 men from both ships were lost and 1,222 survivors were later rescued by other Royal Navy ships including the cruiser H.M.S. “Enterprise”.

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