Able Seaman George Somerville

Able Seaman George Somerville, Royal Navy.  There is no such casualty listed on the C.W.G.C. site There is a Fourth Engineer George Somerville of the Merchant Navy.  He was lost at sea aboard the S.S. “Arletta” on 5th August 1942 aged 24. He was educated at the Berwickshire High School, Duns and is also commemorated on the Memorial Tablet placed in the new Berwickshire High School, Duns. The ship was a tanker of 4,800 tons and was sailing in ballast in convoy ON-115 from Grangemouth to Halifax. She became a straggler and was sunk by U-458 south of Cape Race with 34 crew lost from 39. He is commemorated on the Tower Hill Memorial, London. U-458 was sunk in the Mediterranean on 22nd August 1943 by H.M.S. “Easton” with 39 survivors.

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