Sergeant George Howie

Sergeant George Howie, 4th Battalion, Kings Own Scottish Borderers. He died on 7th January 1945 aged 23. He was the son of James and Elizabeth Howie and the husband of Catherine Howie of Buckie Banffshire and is buried in Brunssum War Cemetery , Holland.  On 1st January the Battalion had moved into the Tripsrath area to relieve the 5th H.L.I. and 1st Gordon Highlanders and the Battalion was  spending the time patrolling and strengthening the defences by constructing minefields. On the 7th The Battalion with Royal Engineer assistance was laying an anti tank grenade minefield when there was a great explosion from the unloading point. Sergeant Howie was killed  along with 16 comrades and  30 men of the Royal Engineers. There were 2,400 mines and 2350 blew up. There were no wounded.

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