Second Lieutenant Edward Gray

Second Lieutenant Edward Leadbetter Gray, 13th Training Squadron, Royal Flying Corps. He was killed in a flying accident on 22nd March 1918, aged 21. He was the son of Edward and Annabella Gray of Edrington Castle, Mordington, Berwickshire and is buried in the Mordington Burial Ground. His name is not on the Foulden Memorial but we are of the opinion that he should be commemorated here. 13th T.S. was based at Ternhill, Shropshire. He was killed on only his fourth flight and his instructor died with him. ( The R.F.C./R.N.A.S./R.A.F. suffered around 6,500 combat deaths but around 8,500 training and accidental fatalities. Many instructors referred to their pupils as “Huns ” as they were as likely to kill them as the Germans ).

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