Able Seaman Vaughan Weatherley

Able Seaman Vaughan Robert Weatherley, Royal Navy. He was lost at sea aboard H.M.S. “Fleur de Lys” on 10th October 1941, aged 21. He was the son of Vaughan and Isabella Weatherley and is commemorated on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial. The ship was a Flower class Corvette of 926 tons and was torpedoed and sunk 55 miles west of Gibraltar by U-206. There were only three survivors from a crew of 85. U-206 herself was lost with all hands on 30th November 1941 probably in a minefield laid by the R.A.F. near St. Nazaire, France. ( The pictures are not of the ” Fleur de Lys ” but of sister ship ” Alisma ” ). His father was a Freeman of Berwick. The Corvettes were small vessels but proved to be indispensable in convoy protection and anti submarine warfare.

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