West – Row 4 – 4 – Ferguson/Johnston


Erected by ANDREW FERGUSON Mason Coldstream in memory of GEORGE his son who died 1st September 1859 aged 2 years. Also MARGARET his daughter who died in infancy. Also ROBERT his son who died 17 August 1883 aged 29 years. Also JANET JOHNSTON his wife who died 6 April 1885 aged 61 years. Also the above ANDREW FERGUSON who died 9th February 1900 aged 81 years. Also MARY his daughter who died 17 May 1938 in her 92nd year.


Andrew Ferguson was born at Maxton, Roxburghshire, was a Mason (journeyman) and lived at 4 Dunse Road  Daughter Mary was born in Coldstream and she was a Provision Dealer.

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