West inventory

This inventory is for that part of the kirkyard from the west wall to the middle path just before the Lennel Kirk and opposite a main gate from the Coldstream to Swinton road. It must be remembered that there is also a path between rows 16 and 17. This part of the kirkyard, we have called inventory West. Inventories Middle (for the area of the kirkyard beside the dilapidated Lennel Kirk) and East (for the newer part of the kirkyard at the east end) are separate sub-projects.

There are 30 rows in this part of the kirkyard which do not include the Baillie-Hamilton Aisle. During the inscription survey conducted in Autumn 2010, it was found that previously viewed and recorded headstones in the 1980s/1990s have disappeared, number 49 below being one example. However, they are still included

Each headstone inscription is suffixed with some comments. Some of these comments are military-linked. Other comments are generally from census records, local knowledge or newspaper articles. Where residences in Coldstream are mentioned, please remember that these were pre-1930 when the whole of the High Street and Duns Road were re-numbered.

While this is a serious historical record, because it’s primarily a serious subject, there is still room for some humour and occasionally you will find the odd snippet of fun, eccentricity or a nickname. All these snippets are meant to be viewed in the spirit in which they have been recorded.

Those involved over the years in compiling and updating this inventory have been William Murray, Trevor Swan, David Nairne-Clark, Denis Strother, John Elliot and Gerald Tait.

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