Middle – Row 3 – 12 – Bell/Donaldson/Wrie


(Heavy Flat Stone)

Here on the sowth side of this stone at a small distance lyse the body of JOHN BELL of Rowchester Rig dyd 1 June 1729 aged 55 years.

On his left hand lyes MARGT DONALDSON his spowse died 4 Janwary 1743 aged 77 years.

On his right hand lyes the body of ELIZABETH WRIE relict of CHARLES BELL of Craigfoody who dyed 11 September 1742 aged 62 years.

Wnder this stone lyes the body of GEORGE BELL of Rowchester Rige who dyed 4 October AD 1742 aged 36 years.

At the bottom of the stone was:

His father and his mother dear his brothers and his sisters were buried here

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