Middle – Row 28 – 2 – Ledgerwood/Scott/Halliburton


Erected by WILLIAM LEDGERWOOD Mason Coldstream in memory of WILLIAM his son who died 3 May 1811 aged 1 year.

Also ALEXANDER who died 28 July 1826 aged 7 years.

Also ALEXANDER who died 17 December 1878 aged 1 year.

Also ROBERT who died  3 April 1830 aged 5 months.

Also ADAM who died 27 May 1847 aged 25 years.

Also grand daughter died in infancy.

Also the said WILLIAM LEDGERWOOD who died 13 March 1851 aged 72 years.

Also his wife ELLEN SCOTT who died 13 February 1858 aged 71 years.

Also their son JOHN who died 5 October 1858 aged 42 years. (Text on rear)

In memory of ROBERT HALLIBURTON died at Coldstream 3rd November 1887 aged 73 years.

Also JANET LEDGERWOOD his wife who died……Sept 1863.

Military record

William Ledgerwood born in Coldstream He was a Salmon Fisher. He may have worked for his father in law he was a Scott and that family were well known salmon fishers. His father was a Roper.

Robert Haliburton lived at 37 Duke Street his occupation is a Currier. His wife Janet was born in Coldstream. Robert was born in Kelso.

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