Middle – Row 11 – 7 – Wilson/Halliburton/Rankin


In memory of FRANCES WILSON wife of JOHN HALLIBURTON Bookseller Coldstream who died 15 March 1832 aged 59 years. Also of ALEXANDER their son who died 24 Sept 1825 aged 6 weeks. And JOHN their son who died 12 October 1831 aged 6 months. In memory also of ALEXANDER son of the above JOHN HALLIBURTON  who died 17 May 1835 aged 2 years (changed from 1837, Cargill); ALEXANDER died 15 December 1834 aged 9 years. Of JOHN died 11 July 1858 aged 19. Of SARAH who died 21 February 1859 aged 10 years. Of MARY RANKIN hs wife died 4 May 1864 aged 57. Of BARBARA who died 3 October 1881 aged 35. And the said JOHN HALLIBURTON who died 9 October 1883 aged 87. Also WILLIAM WILSON HALLIBURTON died at Veryan Cornwall 21 March 1950 aged 85.


John Halliburton was born in England, he lived in the High Street, occupation Bookseller Post Master and Bank Agent. His wife Mary was born at Dumfries. In 1871, he was living at the High Street, Blue Bell Iron. (we think this should be Inn). Alexander, John and Sarah listed on the headstone were children of John Halliburton.

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