Middle – Row 10 – 10 – Haikney/Brown/Andrews/Jeffery


Erected by DAVID HAIKNEY in memory of mother MARGARET BROWN who died February 19 1803 aged 59 years. Also his father DAVID HAIKNEY died July 19 1810 aged 62 years. Also BARBARA ANDREWS who died 27 December 1806 aged 26 years. Also daughter BARBARA who died March 8 1810 aged 3 years. Also his daughter MARGARET who died May 25th 1812 aged 2 years. Also said DAVID HAIKNEY who died 23 June 1822 aged 45 years. Also wife ISABELLA JEFFERY who died 10 August 1844 (or 1833) aged 63 years (NB no entry either year, date altered on stone). Also MARGARET daughter died 21 February 1832 aged 14 years. (On rear) Burial place of DAVID HAIKNEY’s family. (There is an inscription but it is difficult to read).


David Haikney was born in Berwickshire and lived in the New Street, South Side. His son David moved up to Stirling where he lived, occupation Cordwainer

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