East – Row 2 – 8 – Kinghorn/Haig


In loving memory of WALTER KINGHORN beloved husband of ANDRINA HAIG who died 10th December 1939 aged 45 years. Also ANDRINA HAIG who died 11th August 1970 aged 74 years. Also daughter JESSIE who died 29th May 1987 aged 60 years.


Walter born in Coldstrtean Newtown his father was a Postman born in Swinton his mother was born in Gordon

Andrina born in Prestonkirk, Haddingtonshire, her father was a police Sargent and they moved about a great deal with his job.

Her Mother Jessie was Born in Ancrum.

Her Father Peter was born in Jedburgh

She had 4 elder siblings

Margaret Haig
Adam Haig 
Elizabeth Haig 
Charles Haig 

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