Section B – Row 1 – 3 – Hoy/Simson/Clazy/Anderson/Paterson


In memory of JOHN HOY who died 8th June 1803 aged 55 years.

Also ISABLE HOY his daughter died 5th November 1808 aged 23 years.

THOMAS HOY his son died 24th August 1818 aged 25 years

Also his spose ELIZABETH SIMSON who died 11th October 1839 aged 79 years

. Also ROBERT HOY his son who died 19th November 1866 aged 67 years.

Also MARGARET CLAZY wife of the above ROBERT HOY who died 21st February 1883 aged 89 years.


In memory of JANE ANDERSON wife of WILLIAM HOY who died 22nd September 1868 aged 82 years

. Also HANNAH HOY his daughter who died 19th October 1868 aged 39 years. Also the said WILLIAM HOY who died at Castlelaw 10th September 1870 aged 80 years

. Also AGNES PATERSON wife of JOHN HOY who died at Harelaw 26th August 1871 aged 46 years.  

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