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In affectionate remembrance of JOHN McLACHLAN who died at Cornhill, Aug. 24 1881 aged 39 years.  Erected by his loving wife MARY McLACHLAN.  Also her mother, MARY MCGREGOR MENZIES, who died at Cornhill, 24th July 1896 aged 76 years.  Also her father ALEXANDER MENZIES who died at Cornhill, 3rd Novr. 1897 aged 64 years.  Also the above MARY McLACHLAN who died 14 Mar. 1927 aged 86 years.  Also MARGARET, younger daughter of ALEXANDER & MARY MENZIES who died at Norham, 31st July 1930 in her 77th year.  Also JOHN MATTHEW McLACHLAN, son of the above JOHN McLACHLAN and MARY McLACHLAN who died 21st Aug. 1938 aged 61 years.

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Also of JANE JACKSON MENZIES, niece of the said JOHN & MARY McLACHLAN, who died at Edinburgh, 4th November 1958 aged 70 years.

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