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First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Swinton Section G – 64 – Bell/Bookless

In memory of ALISON BELL wife of JAMES BOOKLESS merchant Swinton who died 30th January 1841 aged 68 years. Also son MARK who died 25th December 1855 aged 50 years. Son JOHN who died at Kingston Canada West 1st February 1859 aged 49 years. Also son ROBERT who died 26th June 1852 aged 27 years.

Swinton Section G – 65 – Anderson/Purves

Erected by JAMES ANDERSON in loving memory of HENRY his son who died 26th June 1882 aged 7 years.

ANN PURVES beloved wife of the above  died 11th Jan 1887 aged 41 years

Also the above JAMES ANDERSON who was drowned by accident 22 MArch 1911 aged 68 years.

Swinton Section G – 66 – Anderson/Aitchison

Sacred to the memory of JOHN  ANDERSON feuar in Swinton who died 30th April 1855  aged 52

ISABELLA AITCHISON his wife died 26th Sept 1855

Also their sons JOHN who died in Kingsone ???

ROBERT died 26th ????

Swinton Section G – 67 – Hopper

In affectionate rememberance of MARGARET HOPPERTER only daughtert of  WILLIAM and MARY HOPPER who died 26th Jan 1883 aged 20 years

Also the above WILLIAM  HOPPER  who died 9th May 1902 aged 73 years.

Swinton Section G – 68 – Portus/Wait

RONALD PORTUS died 5th April 1831 aged 78 years. Also son JAMES died 20th July 182(8?) aged 19 years. Relice MARGARET WAIT died 15th February 1849 aged 89 years. 

Swinton Section G – 70 – Ford

In loving memory of my beloved husband ANDREW FORD who died at Swinton Hill 13th June 1888 aged 65 years.hi

ELSPETH DUMMA  his wife who died 20th Nov 1901 Aged ????

ADAM their son who died ?? November 1905.

MARY WHITE his wife who died 1st Jan 19?? aged ? years.

Also their daughter ISABELLA FORD who died 26th Aug 1993 aged 92 years.

Swinton Section G – 74 – Simpson/Patterson/Turnbull

Erected by JOHN SIMPSON Castlelaw in memory of son JOHN teacher at St.Judes Episcopal School Glasgow who died 1st November 1855 aged -8 years. Also the above John Simpson died 11th December 1856 aged 62 years. Also wife ISABELLA PATTERSON died 2nd March 1872 aged 82 years. Also daughter MATILDA wife of JAMES TURNBULL died 30th May 1866 aged 39 years. Also their children: ELIZABETH died 30th May 1853 aged 10 months. SIMPSON died 15th August 1866 aged 3 months (was the child called Simpson Simpson?)

Swinton Section G – 75 – Simpson/Tindall/Henderson

In memory of JOHN SIMPSON who died 12th January 1848 aged 82 years.

Also wife ANNE TINDALL died 29th March 1831 aged 67 years. EUPHEMIA SIMPSON (wife of JAMES HENDERSON Carter per Death Register) who died 1st May 1839 aged 82 years.

Also her son JAMES HENDERSON who died 28th July 1879 aged 60 years. 

Swinton Section G – 77 – Kinleyside

Erected by PETER KINLEYSIDE in memory of his children  ISABELLA died 5th April 1915 aged 7weeks.

JESSIE YOUNG died 30th ???

ALEXANDER died ??? 1887  aged 5 years.


Swinton Section G – 78 – Allan/Marshall

Erected by JOHN ALLAN in memory of his wife MARGARET MARSHALL who died 5th October 1871 aged 67 years. Also children: THOMAS and WILLIAM died young. JOHN died 16th December 1847 aged 11 years. 2nd son WILLIAM died 21st April 1861 aged 22 years. Also the above JOHN ALLAN died at Shawbraes 21st February 1886 aged 79 years. Oldest daughter MARGARET died at Shawbraes 17th February 1890 aged 59 years.

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