West – Row 5

First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

West – Row 5 – 1- Guthrie/Davidson

In affectionate remembrance of JAMES the beloved son of THOMAS and AGNES GUTHRIE who died 27th November —- aged 2 ½ years.

Also SARAH third daughter of the above who died at London 5th January 1892 aged 21 years.

Also AGNES DAVIDSON his wife who died 20th Jany 1909 aged 68 years.

Also the above THOMAS GUTHRIE who died 24th March 1920 aged 83 years.

Also THOMAS son of the above who died 28 April 1947 aged 81 years.

Also GEORGINA daughter of the above THOMAS and AGNES who died 30th July 1960 aged 83 years. (Suffer little children to come unto me) ‘Erected 1884’

West – Row 5 – 2 – Matthew/Foreman/Moffat

Erected by JOHN MATTHEW in loving memory of his son Gunner JOHN MATTHEW R.F.A. who was killed in action at Ypres France on 22nd October 1917 aged 27 years.

Also ELIZABETH FOREMAN his daughter who died in infancy.

GEORGE second son of above who died at Edinburgh 11th March 1921 aged 29 years interred in Saughton Cemetery.

Also, the above JOHN MATTHEW who died 7th February 1933 aged 76 years.

Also ALICE MOFFAT his wife who died 13th October 1935 aged 79 years.

West – Row 5 – 3 – Dodds/Cranson

Erected by JAMES DODDS in loving memory of MARY his daughter who died at Coldstream 16th September 1884 aged 27 years. Also ROBERT CRANSON his son who died in infancy. Also the above JAMES DODDS who died 7th February 1899 aged 65 years. Also PHILLIS CRANSON his wife who died 2nd November 1919 aged 84 years

West – Row 5 – 4 – Redden/Stewart

Erected by WALTER REDDEN Coldstream in loving memory of ANNIE my daughter died 12th Sept 1884 aged 20 years. Also JANE REDDEN my sister died 3rd October 1911 aged 86 years. Also CHRISTINA MERCER my wife died 30th Nov 1912 aged 76 years Also AGNES my daughter wife of JAMES MACKAY died 11th December 1912 aged 50 years Also CHRISTINA AGNES daughter of ROBERT and ELEANOR STEWART died 2nd May 1917 aged 13 months. Also the above WALTER REDDEN  died 21st December 1921 aged 90 years Also WILLIAM ADAM his son who died 29th July 1924 aged 45 years (Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord)

West – Row 5 – 5 – Matthew/Hann

In loving memory of JOHN MATTHEW who died 17th January 1916 aged 70 years.

Also AGNES HANN his wife who died 23rd July 1905 aged 58 years.

Also JOSEPH their son who died 17th May 1884 aged 6months

Also JEANIE their daughter who died 8th May 1886 aged 15 months

Also JOHN their son who died 28th December 1936 aged 64 years

West – Row 5 – 6 – Baird/Robertson

(Hidden by yew trees) Erected by WILLIAM BAIRD Coldstream in memory of his wife MARY ROBERTSON who died 29th June 1884 aged 76 years. Also the above WILLIAM BAIRD who died 4th June 1889 age 77 years Also MARY ROBERTSON BAIRD his grand daughter who died 28th January 1893 age 4 years. Also MARGARET ROBERTSON BAIRD who died 4th August 1899 aged 60 years. Also JOHN ROBERTSON BAIRD who died 8th October 1917 aged 80 years Also GEORGE BAIRD who died 14th Octber1930 aged 84 years

West – Row 5 – 7 – Harris/Purves

In memory of JOSEPH HARRIS who died at Edinburgh 18th April 1884 aged 52 years

Also JANET PURVES widow of the above who died at Coldstream 24th November 1913 aged 78 years

Also JOHN son of above who died 12th June 1917 aged 50 years buried at Abingdon on Thames.

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