West – Row 19

First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

West Row 19 – 1 Wright/Smith

Erected by ALICE WRIGHT in memory of MARY her sister who died 12th January 1902 aged 30 years.

And of ALICE FORD SMITH her niece.

West Row 19 – 2 – Greenlaw/Hogg

Erected by JOHN GREENLAW in memory of his son JOHN killed at Darnchester 29th August 1896 aged 8 1/2 years.

Also his eldest dearly beloved son C.S.M. JAMES GREENLAW 15th Royal Scots who was killed in Germany 6th May 1917 aged 32 years,

“To the memory ever dear”

Also in beloved memory of the said JOHN GREENLAW who died 18th August 1926 aged 76 years.

Also his wife CATHERINE HOGG who died 11th October 1928 in her 70th year.

West Row 19 – 3 – Spence/Ross

In loving memory of JAMES SPENCE New Road Coldstream who died 2nd February 1903 aged 68 years.

Also ANN ROSS his wife who died 31st August 1906 aged 68 years.

Also RACHAEL their daughter who died 3rd July 1905 aged 32 years

West Row 19 – 4 – Gerrard/Gibson

In loving memory of PETER GERARD died 22nd January 1897 aged 59 years.

ELIZABETH GIBSON his wife died 30th October 1919 aged 73 years.

ISABELLA their daughter died at Haputale Ceylon 30th 1925 aged 44 years.

JOHN their son died at Edinburgh 23rd April 1929 aged 59 years.

West Row 19 – 5 – Wood

In loving memory of our dear Father JAMES WOOD who died in Coldstream 18th February 1897 aged 62 years.

Also in memory of our Beloved Mother FRANCES WOOD who died at Edinburgh 24th October 1902 aged 72 years

“Peace Perfect Peace”

West Row 19 – 7 – Day/Shotton

In loving memory of JAMES DAY died 29th April 1896 aged 48 years.

Also his wife ELIZA SHOTTON died 24th August 1936 aged 83 years.

And their daughter EVA died 15th June 1968 aged 80 years.

And their daughter ELIZABETH ISABELLA died 20th October 1972 aged 89 years.

West Row 19 – 8 – Forbes/Punton/Trotter

Erected by WILLIAM FORBES Darnchester in memory of his wife JANE PUNTON who died 15th July 1897 aged 64 years.

Also the above WILLIAM FORBES who died at Edinburgh 9th December 1905 aged 73 years.

Also JOHN FORBES his son who died 4th March 1939 aged 83 years.

Also AGNES TROTTER wife of JOHN FORBES who died 20th January 1934 aged 79 years.

West Row 19 – 9 – Playfair/Johnston

Erected by JAMES TURNBULL PLAYFAIR Coldstream sacred to the memory of AGNES JOHNSTON my beloved wife who died 2nd October 1916 aged 59 years.

Also the above JAMES TURNBULL PLAYFAIR J.P. who died 6th February 1919 aged 69 years.

West Row 19 – 10 – Johnston/Dodds

In memory of  WILLIAM JOHNSTON Bootmaker Coldstream who died 5th August 1897 aged 73 years.

Also of ELIZABETH DODDS his wife who died 5th April 1902 aged 72 years

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