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First World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Second World War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Boer War

There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.


There are no Boer War entries for this memorial.

Section A row 12 – 1 Simpson

Erected to the medmory of ROBERT SIMPSON who was born 16th April 1752  and died at Stoneridge 13th August 1830 after being for 58 years a faithful and much respeted servant of the famliy there.

Section A row 12 – 3 Hogg/Houliston

To the memory of ALEXANDER HOGG who died at Williecleugh 17th April 1836 aged 63 years.

Also ELIZABETH HOGG his second daughter who died at Williecleugh 1st August 1814 aged 14 years.

Also HELLEN HOULISTON his wife who died 22nd April 1857 aged 86 years.

Also JESSIE HOGG his youngest daughter who died at lees 11th December 1883 aged 80 years.

Section A row 12 – 4 Walker

Erected by MARY WALKER in memory of JAMES NICHOLSON her son who deid 6th August 1847 aged 20 months.


There is more on this stone but it is unreadable.

Section A row 13 – 1 Walker

Erected by THOMAS WALKER  in memory of his wife who died 8th February 1851 aged 67 years.

The above THOMAS WALKER deied at Coldstream 19th December 1862 aged 75 years.

Also GEORGE their son who died 25th February 1848 aged 36 years.

Also JANE their daughter died 6th July 1812 aged 2 years.

Also ROBERT their son died in infancy 1916.

Also WILLIAM  their who died 27th July 1855 aged 30 years.

Section A row 13 – 2 Allan/Lindsay/Honeyman

Erected by JOHN ALLAN gardner in memory of HELEN HONEYMAN his wife who died at Eccles 1st October  1887 aged 60 years.

Also HELEN ALLAN his daughter who died 10th April 1890 aged 22 years.

Also the above JOHN ALLAN who died 13th February 1897 aged 66 years.

Also his son JOHN who died in South Africa 17th December 1909 aged 44 years.

Also his daughter CHRISTINA LINDSAY who died at Ladykirk - Shiels 18th March 1922 aged 60 years.

Section A row 13 – 3 Allan/Hiddlestone

In memory to WILLIAM ALLAN who died at B???rough West Mains 2nd June 1787 aged 73 years.

JENNET HIDDLESTONE his wife who died 24th June 1820 aged 93 years.

And GEORGE ALLAN their son who died 21st May 1788 aged 21 years.

Section A row 13 – 4 Ormston/Henderson

Erected by JAMES ORMSTON Eccles Newtown in memeory of HELEN ORMSTON his daughter who died 7th August1836 aged 17 years.

The above JAMES ORMSTON who died 9th August 1854 aged 73 years.

And HELEN HENDERSON his wife who died 6thDecember 1865 aged 73 years.

Also JOHN ORMSTON who died 14th June 1871 aged 50 years.

Also JANE ORMSTON his daughter who died at Kelso 19th April 1897 aged 68 years.

Also WILLIAM ORMSTON their son who died at Kelso 12th December 1902 aged 75 years.

Also ISABELLA ORMSTON their daughter who deid at Kelso 2nd February 1911 aged 80 years.

Section A row 14 – 2 McDougal/Ormiston

Erected by JESSIE McDUGAL in memory of JOHN ORMISTON her husband who died at Orange Lane 25th March 1868 aged 55 years.

Also THOMAS ORMISTON son of the above JOHN ORMISTON who died 25th November 1887 aged 33 years.

Also the above JESSIE McDOUGAL who died 11th may 1896 aged 86 years

Section A row 14 – 3 Mauchlen/Hay

Erected by ROBERT MAUCHLEN Leitholm in memory of JANET his daughter who died 16th March 1857.

Also ROBERT his son who died 23rd March 1861  aged 29 years.

Also JESSIE HAY his wife who died 11thAugust 1868 aged 72 years.

Also the above ROBERT MAUCHLEN who died 5th September 1878 aged 91 years.

Section A row 14 – 4 Turnbull

In memory of WILLIAM TURNBULL who died 29th April 1810 aged 65 years.

Also his son WILLIAM TURNBULL who died 23rd January 1812 aged 27 years.

Section A row 15 – 1 Patterson/Alexander

In memory of JAMES PATTERSON Smith in Stonefold Brae who died 25th October 1811 aged 66 years.

Also ALISON ALEXANDER his spouse who died 7th May 1818 aged 72 years.

Also JAMES PATTERSON their son who died 9th June 1816 age36 years.

Also JOHN PATTERSON their son who died 19th December 1846 aged 70 years.

Also JANET PATTERSON their daughter who died 11th August 1835.

Section A row 16 – 1 McLean/Spence

Erected by ROBERT McLEAN Stoneridge Lodge in memory of CHRISTINA his daughter who died 29th March 1845 aged 3 and a half years.

Also JOHN his son who died 11th November 1846 aged 7 and half years.

Also CHRISTIA SPENCE his wife who died  27th August 1877 aged 73 years.

Also the above ROBERT McLEAN who died 2nd July 1882 aged 69 years.

Section A row 16 – 3 Allan

Sacred to the memory of GEORGE ALLAN Gardner Eccles Lodge who died 26th January 1873 aged 77 years.

GEORGE ALLAN grandson who died at Eccles Lodge 4th July 18__ aged 20 years.

CHRISTIAN_____ his wife who died at Eccles Lodge 10TH November18____ aged 90 years.

Section A row 16 – 4 Turnbull/Young


Here lyes JOSEPH TURNBULL of Wester Minden who died 7th April 1811 aged 77 years.

Also MARGARET TURNBULL his sister who died 2nd January 1805 aged 61 years.

WILLIAM TURNBULL his brother died 19th December 1758 aged 31 years.

JOHN TURNBULL tenant in Wester Minden died 28th March 1779 aged 81 years.

Also MARGARET YOUNG spouse who died 6th December 1779 aged 74 years.

Section A row 16 – 5 Purves/Anderson/Whellans/Weatherhead

Erected by JAMES PURVES in memory of JOHN PURVES his Grandfather Weaver in Purveshall who died 16th December 1796 aged 78 years.

Also MARGARET WEATHERHEAD his Grandmother who died 1778.

MARGARET, ANN and HELEN their children died in early youth.

JEAN died 17th November 1821.

Also in memory of THOMAS PURVES his father who died at Whitebank 3rd January1830 aged 70 years.

JEAN daughter of THOMAS PURVES died 20th October 1796 aged 5 years.

JOHN his son died 29th January 1897 aged 22 years.

Also MARGARET ABDERSON wife of THOMAS PURVES died at Whitebank

On reverse of the stone

In memory JAMES PURVES who died at Eccles 29th August 1878 aged 81 years.

Also JESSIE WHELANS his wife who died 22nd April 1895 aged 87 years.

Also AGNES PURVES their grandaughter who died 19th March 1883 aged 7 months.



Section A row 16 – 6 Culbertson

In memory of GEORGE CULBERTSON son to WILLIAM CULBERTSON who died 10th April 1803 aged 12 years.

Also two of his children who died in infancy.

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