Lieutenant Alexander Murray

Lieutenant Alexander Donald Milles Murray, 7th ( Airborne ) Battalion, Kings Own Scottish Borderers. He was killed in action in Holland, aged 19, on the 18th September 1944 during the Battle s at Arnhem. He had been born in London in 1925 and was the son of Brigadier Cyril Murray ( ex K.O.S.B.) and Marjorie Murray of Phillipburn, Selkirk. He had been educated at Winchester College and the Royal Military College at Sandhurst. He was commissioned in February 1944 and volunteered for the 7th ( Airborne ) K.O.S.B. He was promoted Lieutenant in August 1944. He was O.C. 5 Platoon in ” B” Coy. for Operation ” Market Garden”. and he fell during the Operation. The plan to capture the bridges over the Rhine. The Battalion was landed in 50 Airspeed Horsa gliders ( see photo below). Their task was to clear the drop zones for the following paratroop drop by Polish Units. Heavy German counter attacks were held off but eventually the pressure became too much for the lightly armed Borderers and after intense combat the remnants were withdrawn back over the Rhine. Battalion strength was now 4 Officers and 72 Other Ranks out of the 40 Officers and 740 Other Ranks who had begun the landing. ( Willie Kerr from Coldstream was one of the few who made it back over the Rhine and is pictured below )This was the Battalion’s only action of the War. He is buried in Arnhem Osterbeek, War Cemetery, Netherlands where his Headstone is inscribed ” Elder Son Of Brigadier & Mrs Alick Murray. A Most Gallant And Lovable Son”. The photos show troops during the Battle

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