Norham Churchyard Section C Row 54 – 1 – Straughan/Kennedy




'Thy Will be Done"

In loving remembrance of ELEANOR STRAUGHAN  wife of THOMAS KENNEDY postmaster, Norham who died in the Lord August 23rd 1874 aged 52 years, GEORGE ALEXANDER  their son died March 23rd 1863 aged 9 months,

The above THOMAS KENNEDY died 9th July 1897 in his 86th year

also ELEANOR ANN KENNEDY beloved daughter of the above died March 23rd 1930 aged 78 years.

Also MARGARET KENNEDY  beloved daughter of the above died March 12th 1931 aged 83 years.

Also WILLIAM T KENNEDY son of the above THOMAS KENNEDY who died at Aberdeen 11th December 1951 aged 91 years.

'Sorrow vanquished, labour ended, Jordan passed'.

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