Norham Churchyard Section C Row 52 – 1 – Purves


Erected by ALEX and MARY PURVES in memory of ELIZABETH  their daughter who died at Velvet Hall October 3rd 1864 aged 8½ years.

Also ELIZABETH Mary their daughter who died September 21st 1874 aged 9½ years.

Also the above MARY PURVES who died March 20th 1876 aged 51 years.

Also ANNE their daughter and beloved wife of GEORGE BAXTER who died at Consett Junction December 11th 1889 aged 31 years,

interred in Bonfieldside Cemetery. 

Also JOHN their son who died February 9th 1894 aged 35 years.

Also MARGRET their daughter and wife of R STRONG who died January 31st 1899 aged 30 years.

Also the above ALEX PURVES  who died at Yeavering Crossing near Wooler December 26th 1890 aged 78 years.

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