Norham Churchyard Section C Row 50 – 1 – Thompson/May/McKelllar


Sacred to the memory of ELIZABETH THOMPSON daughter of THOMAS  and ISABEL THOMPSON, Norham who died August 4th 1849 aged 4½ years.

Also ELIZABETH their daughter who died December 26th 1867 aged17 years.

Also the above ISABEL THOMPSON who died December 29th 1869 aged 53 years.

Also the above THOMAS THOMPSON who died August 28th 1877 aged 59 years.

Also SARAH MCKELLAR wife of ROBERT WINTER THOMPSON who died 23rd June 1910 aged 53 years.

Also ARCHIBALD ARDARY THOMPSON their son who died 1st February 1912 aged 20 years.

Also the above ROBERT WINTER THOMPSON who died 7th April 1927 aged 72 years.

Also KATHERINE MAY eldest daughter of the above who died 21st February 1947.

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