Norham Churchyard Section C Row 12 – 3 – Paxton/Redpath


Sacred to the memory of Anna daughter of Thomas and Mary Louisa PAXTON who died 26th November 1845 aged 10 months.

Also Mary Lousia wife of Thomas PAXTON who died 19th October 1847 aged 32 years and her infant daughter.

Also Mary Lousia daughter of the above Thomas and Mary Louisa who died 16th May 1850 aged 4 years.

Sacred to the memory of George Young son of Thomas and Jane Isabella PAXTON who died 21st November 1852 aged 18 months.

Also James son of the above born 13th April 1850 died 7th June 1853.

Also Jane Isabella REDPATH who died 10th August 1872 aged 19 years

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