Norham Churchyard Section C Row 12 – 2 – Ross


sacred to the memory of William ROSS who died at Norham 14th November 1844 aged 50 years.

Also Mary Ann his daughter died 27th May 1832 aged 17 weeks.

Also three children died in infancy.

George his so who died 9th June 1874 aged 37 years.

Also Davidson ROSS son of the above died January 7th 1876 aged 47 years.

Alos Mary ROSS wife of the above William Ross who died January 13th 1883 aged 79 years.

Also John ROSS their son who died March 31st 1903 ahged 76 years interred at Heaton Cemerary.

Purves DARLING wife of the above Died October 1904 aged 82 years also interred at Heaton Cemetary Newcastle

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