West – Row 11 – 7 – Jackson/White/Scott


 Erected by WILLIAM JACKSON the Hirsel in memory of JEANIE WHITE his daughter who died 30th April 1890 aged 65 years. Also JOHN his son who died 11th May 1890 aged 4 years. Also JEANIE WHITE SCOTT beloved wife of WILLIAM JACKSON who died 8th November 1938 aged 79 years. Also the above WILLIAM JACKSON who died 25th April 1939 aged 80 years. Also their son JAMES SCOTT JACKSON who died at 37 Mostyn Avenue Wembley 16TH September 1960 aged 68 years Cremated at Ruislip Crematorium Middx.


William Jackson was born at Douglas, Lanarkshire, a Joiner he lived at the Hirsel.

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