Middle – Row 27 – 1 – Donaldson/Wightman/Blaikie/Woodcock


Table Stone 

Erected by desire of GEORGE DONALDSON residing in the island of Jamaica in memory of his mother AGNES  WIGHTMAN spouse of ALEXANDER DONALDSON who died March 1809 aged 78 years. 1822  THOMAS  BLAIKIE joiner in Coldstream his family burial place.

His daughter MARTHA who died 31 January 1815 aged 5 years.

Also JANET ALLAN wife of THOMAS BLAIKIE who died 1st December 1817 aged 71 years.

Also the said THOMAS BLAIKIE died 25 March 1831 aged 75 years.

Also THOMAS WOODCOCK his son in law died 28 May 1868 aged 50 years.

Also JANET his wife who died at Cornhill 4 September 1870 aged 57 years.

Military record

Donaldson who lived in Jamaica was most probably involved in the slave trade in some way.

More research required !

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