Middle – Row 17 – 10 – McLaren/Wright


In memory of CHRISTIANA McLAREN daughter of Captain A. D. McLAREN Berwickshire Militia who died at Coldstream 15th January 1837 aged 17 years.

Fathers hope mothers joy asleep here. Faithful friend lifes chequered course looks to the poor man said a heart both meek and kind. She lived for Christ and kept her end in mind.

Also JOHN WRIGHT NAISMYTH McLAREN son of Captain A D McLAREN Berwickshire Melitia  who died 15 November 1838 aged 20 years.

Also ROBERT McINTYRE McLAREN son of Captain A. D. McLAREN who died 19th September 1842 aged 9 years.

Also CHRISTIAN NAISMYTH McLAREN wife of Captain A. D. McLAREN died 7th March 1844 aged 48 years.



This is a link to the Greys of Millfield who was related to this family



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